February 01, 2011

Recipe & Instructions for the Bleeding Heart Cake

For those of you overseas who cant order an edible heart for V day - heres how to make them!

These are actually very simple....I use a Red Velvet cupcake – so bake a batch from your favourite red velvet recipe (theres a good one in my book 'A Zombie ate my Cupcake'). There is really no trick to making anything like this, just find an image (preferably of the real thing) that you want to copy and keep it in front of you while you work with the fondant. 

Once the cake mixture is spooned into cupcake cases, use a piece of molded tin foil wedged between the case and the pan to make a little nick which will form the top of the heart.

Cool cake in the pan for 3 mins then transfer to a cooling rack.  Once the cakes have cooled completely, remove their cases and set aside.

Now take approx 100g of poppy red fondant and roll out using a silicone rolling pin and mat – to about 1/4“ thickness - into a stretched out oval shape.

Now place the cake in the centre of the oval and pipe a little bit of frosting (I use cream cheese) under it. Wrap the cake with the fondant with the groove at the top -and swiftly bring the fondant together to meet at the top of the cake, - using the extra fondant at the top to form three arteries (use blunt, rounded fondant tools to do this carefully). Don't worry about any creases or gathering in the fondant - they make for useful gory details later on.

Place onto a miniature cake board (secure in place underneath with some piped frosting)

Now paint the heart using a soft brush and piping gel mixed with dabs of claret red and black food dye – it will stay really glossy.
When you are ready to serve, use a pipette or spoon to add black cherry sauce to the arteries and in a puddle around the base.  


  1. Thank you for the instructions!

    It's now 1:40 a.m. here in Beaumont, California, United States. I was just mentioning to my friend that you were going to post the instructions when I received the email from you (1:35). What strange timing.

  2. My friend bought your book last week and I am making this cake for our double 21st birthday this saturday :) It's a horror theme! I will also make the Black Roses cupcakes since my friend absolutely loved them!
    Wish me luck as some of the ingredients are proving hard to find in Norway! D:

  3. ps - good luck! let me know if i can help with anything x

  4. this is perfect for my bff whom i know would LOVE this:)

  5. Well I'll be having a go at these this weekend. Working and shaping the fondant hasn't proven too difficult in the practice runs, nor has getting the sauce to the proper consistency and a truly, gloriously grotesque red. It's coloring the fondant that's proven challenging, as I really do prefer to make my own. I suppose a baking supply store is right around the corner if I decide to throw in the towel and go that route. Thanks for the great idea and some insight into the process!

  6. So is there anything beyond baking and cooling the cupcakes before the fondant gets molded around em? This is something I want for my wedding.

  7. no - just a dab of icing to keep it in place. dont roll it too thin xx

  8. you say to spoon the cupcake mixture into the cases, then use foil wedged in between the case and the pan? what do you mean by 'case'? i've looked all over for a realistic heart shaped baking pan and can't find one...do you just use a regular cupcake/muffin tin?

    1. I am with you, not sure how to that part.

  9. just a regular pan! the tin foil makes the heart shape

  10. how do you wedge it in there? maybe i'm just slow, but i'm not quite sure i get how to do it! haha

  11. What exactly is piping gel? And what proportion do we mix it with the food coloring? And do you just use regular liquid food coloring? Sorry for the million questions, I'm just so excited to make these!

  12. I'm so confused!!! How are you shaping the cupcake?

  13. hello - piping gel is a clear gel for cake decorating - get it from cake supply shops or online. just mix in a little red gel colour, you can tell it by eye.

    shaping the cake - an easy way would be just to bake a regular cupcake, take off the wrapper & cut it in half. Dont worry too much about the shape of the cake - the shape of the heart will come from how you shape the fondant around it.

  14. I'm having this at my baby shower, so I can devour a heart for the strength of my unborn, like Danaerys in Game of Thrones. :)

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